Behind CPaaS Kaleyra’s Landmark Acquisition of Mobile Engagement Provider mGage

Priyank Parikh, Vice President of Sales & Solution Engineering, mGagePriyank Parikh, Vice President of Sales & Solution Engineering,mGage
Kaleyra,a growing cloud communications software provider, further supported its rapid expansion this month by completing its acquisition of mGage, a mobile engagement provider. The $215 million deal makes Kaleyra one of only four Tier-1 aggregators with direct connections to all US mobile carriers and makes it a dominant player among the top five CPaaS platforms with strong positions in the Americas, Europe, and APAC.

In an always-on world where conversations happen anytime and anywhere, omnichannel communication is becoming more of a necessity than a bonus for enterprise brands.
With the advent of cloud-based communication platforms and APIs, this technology is more accessible than ever. The resulting growth of the CPaaS market has created a very attractive environment, and we have seen major mergers and acquisitions on a regular basis for the past few years.

The landmark acquisition of mGage by Kaleyra is unique because it joins two complementary entities which together offer a larger global footprint with expanded local support, a wider product portfolio with additional communication channels, and more comprehensive global connectivity. Tier-1 aggregators such as mGage have driven particularly high demand for CPaaS providers trying to obtain direct connections to US carriers.

Many acquisitions prioritize one of three things: People, customers, or platform connectivity. This acquisition stands out because it was driven by all three. Kaleyra values the effort mGage has made to build a customer-centric company through industry-leading support, continued investments in infrastructure, and encouraging excellence in its people and processes. We are proud of this milestone for the company and excited to offer our customers new possibilities as we join forces with Kaleyra.
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