US Data Corporation: Making the Most of Businesses' Email Marketing Initiatives

Erich Kaminsky, CEO, US Data CorporationErich Kaminsky, CEO
The marketing landscape has witnessed many changes in the past decade, with new marketing platforms, delivery channels, and several new buzzwords coming into the picture. In the past few years, businesses have been dedicating all their efforts and a significant amount of resources towards employing these new channels to reach out to their audiences. As organizations dive headfirst into them, they get to realize that none of it is a substitute for fundamentals. It’s all about delivering a compelling story to the right audience with the correct ad copy and terminologies. A company that precisely understands this and helps businesses reach out to new audiences by telling their story through email marketing is US Data Corporation. In the words of US Data’s CEO Erich Kaminsky, his company is email marketing’s best-kept secret. “While the rest of the world shouts about how effective emails are for realizing greater value from an existing audience, we have quietly been refining the process for using email to expand that audience,” adds Kaminsky.

Today, companies implement email marketing campaigns only because they think of email as a cost-effective way of reaching many people. Hence, in each of its client associations, the US Data team asks a series of questions about their experience of using emails, the price of their products, and the objective of using emails. “We ask if they have experience getting emails delivered effectively because there is much difference in sending transactional and marketing emails to their existing relationships versus sending cold emails to expand by developing new relationships. We have set up an infrastructure to do all three of those,” explains Kaminsky. Precisely, US Data is not here to simply send emails but to help deliver its clients’ message effectively with positive consequences.

One element that matters the most while implementing a successful email campaign is ‘the mailing list.’ Usually, when a business approaches a company to obtain a valid mailing list, they get one mailing list, but it’s different with US Data. If a firm approaches US Data to obtain a mailing list, the team at US Data provides a composite of multiple mailing lists. This has been possible owing to the vast database that the company has developed over the years.

US Data is not here to send emails, but to help deliver its clients’ message effectively with positive consequences

Since 2005, US Data has compiled 15 billion email addresses that have resulted in 105 million permission-based consumer emails mapped to thousands of demographics. The team at US Data started compiling email addresses almost the minute it opened doors. Back then, nobody had figured out how to legitimize its use. “We didn’t know how we were going to use it. We spent a lot of money compiling and building it and not knowing whether it was any good. And when we finally started to experiment with it, we realized that compiling email was the simplest part of the process,” adds Kaminsky.

Apart from its extensive mailing lists, what makes US Data unique is that the company refines and cleans the data. Data hygiene has always been one of the key focus areas for the team at US Data. The company has created an air-tight hygiene process for cleaning and validating email data, with several layers of spam trap/honey pot and invalid email address removals as well as proactively reacquiring permissions after a period of dormancy.

These capabilities have proved significant for several companies that have sought US Data’s help for their email marketing initiatives. One such company—a hearing aid manufacturer— had spent years negotiating a benefit with a large health insurance company, CHN in California, and once they finally agreed to the benefit, the hearing aid manufacturer wanted to send out a mail to the CHN members aged over 55 to increase the awareness of the benefit. However, CHN wouldn’t give them the list of subscribers. The hearing aid manufacturer then approached the team at US Data to obtain a list of people aged more than 55 who had this particular insurance. To create the list, US Data employed its innovative list compilation program, HaystackTM, wherein it found the hidden audience, ran the data through the program, and came up with 556,000 subscribers in California. The hearing aid manufacturer then used the HaystackTM mailing list to conduct the awarenessraising direct mail campaign that they had initially planned. It resulted in 1,852 CHN members claiming their benefit within the first three months, generating over $2.7 million in revenue.

US Data envisions extending these capabilities to an extensive client base in the future. Hence, the company will continue to expand both in size and product offerings, bringing new partnerships and expanded services to meet and exceed the clients’ needs. However, above all, for now, the immediate future for US Data is all about helping our friends, neighbors, clients, and partners whose businesses have been hobbled by the pandemic get back on their feet and up to speed.
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