Through Omnichannel Optimisation: Enhancing the Stakeholder Experience

Top 10 Multichannel Marketing Solutions Companies - 2022

Over the last five years, the way that brands are communicating with their customers has fundamentally changed. Instead of adopting a single-channel, or even multichannel approach, businesses must now offer a truly seamless experience across all devices.

While omnichannel marketing has been widely discussed within the digital and ecommerce community, research suggests that many marketers still feel uncertain about their ability to offer a truly omnichannel approach. Although 95 percent of marketers agreed that some form of multichannel strategy is important for their organization, only 39 percent felt they had the ability to recognize where a prospect was on the customer journey. In addition to this, 27 percent of marketers claimed to lack confidence in their ability to deliver “the right message, at the right time, to right prospect”.

As a matter of fact, consumers demand for omnichannel experience grows rapidly. Generation Z shoppers are coming into the spotlight and they are less concerned with the ability to try a product before purchase, and are extremely comfortable with ecommerce. They engage in more ads, buy on new platforms, and are more concerned with a brand’s personality than previous generations.

However not all organizations have the budget to implement multichannel marketing successfully. Most SMBs don’t embark on this journey because they are simply can’t afford it. Hiring an expert or outsourcing a consultant to take care of multichannel marketing is both costly approaches to running sophisticated marketing campaigns.

Omnichannel analytics makes it easier to interact with customer data and to see which channels are most successful in leading to a purchase; this can lead to a more transparent marketing strategy and ultimately, reduction in marketing costs. A holistic picture of channel data can help companies better meet customer needs and predict inventory. In addition to spending more money, omnichannel shoppers are more likely to become long-term customers.

The most successful omnichannel marketing strategies consider the fact that customers interact with companies across many different channels and platforms, but they expect a consistent experience no matter which channel they use.

We present to you, “Top 10 Multichannel Marketing Solutions Providers – 2022.”

    Top Multichannel Marketing Solutions Companies

  • Adfire Health delivers important messaging about valuable medical products and services to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients. The company currently provides digital advertising solutions that combine the power of data, programmatic technology, creativity, and strategy. The company’s core value proposition is its proprietary database built on data of 8MM+ HCPs, including 1.5 million M.D.s and MPPAs who are all scriptwriters. It also includes data from key influencers, including pharmacists, nurses, practice managers, and hospital executives, among others. The company’s core capability lies in NPI-level reporting and one-to-one NPI-targeting to assist clients in the pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, and biopharma industries.

  • AdMedia is a performance-based advertising network that helps clients scale their business and voice online. AdMedia owns and operates thousands of websites within their network. The company has also created more than 40 different web traffic products, including, a product that creates text ads that compete with Google Adsense, and, a product that connects advertisers directly with consumers and studies consumer responses. It also creates mobile advertising products that show ads based on each individual user's location, psychographic make up, and content based consumption.

  • Marketers are looking for ways to harness insights about customers’ shopping preferences. Catalina has emerged as a guiding force that fills this void by offering innovative solutions. Catalina has partnered with companies spanning the full marketing funnel, helping retailers and brands better understand shoppers and precisely target and optimize messages across media channels. Its unique Digital Circular Personalizer personalizes and enables a retailer to target consumers with individualized promotional messages based on their preferences. HUB360 is an interactive dashboard that gathers such insights, targets key audiences and shows real-time data of their performance against competitors.

  • Media Culture is a consumer-centric brand response media agency that drives continual growth for its clients with strategic, innovative, and performance-driven media campaigns that engage and inspire consumers to convert.

  • MediaPal is a leading marketing and advertising firm that helps businesses improve their brand metrics and in-store traffic with its data-driven, omnichannel programmatic digital experience platform. The company employs innovative tactics to position itself at the forefront of providing performance-based marketing experiences for clients. Brands can use MediaPal’s advertising and attention-winning solutions to close the loop in their advertising journey. From Programmatic Ads, CTV, Audio, Adfi, Conversational ads to Adcommerce, its platform encompasses several tools, making it a one-stop-shop solution for various marketing necessities.

  • Raare Solutions is an operational CRM agency specializing in the design, execution, and support of CRM and marketing platforms of its clients and helps them enrich their customer experience

  • What If Media Group is an award-winning performance marketing company that enables the world’s leading brands to acquire valuable new customers at scale. Positioning itself as a performance marketing company with proprietary ad-serving technology, media and first-party data, New Jersey-headquartered What If assists leading brands and agencies in acquiring new, valuable consumers at scale. The company's AI platform ARIA powers its digital advertising competencies by feeding on infinite terabytes of data, including self-reported, behavioural, and others, to target the right consumers with the right advertisements at the right time.

  • ChannelAdvisor


    ChannelAdvisor helps brands and retailers worldwide improve their online performance by expanding sales channels, connecting with consumers across the entire buying cycle, optimizing their operations

  • Claritas


    Claritas helps companies KNOW MORE about their best prospects and customers, the best ways to reach them, and how to improve their marketing campaigns while they are in-market

  • inkFrog


    inkFrog provides auction management and ecommerce listing software for vendors selling through major ecommerce platforms