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Phil Schoonmaker, CEO & Eugene Arokiasamy, CTO, SupplyLogicPhil Schoonmaker, CEO & Eugene Arokiasamy, CTO
It goes without saying that a business’ value proposition and branding design aesthetics must be clear and captivating to their target audience. That said, for businesses spread across hundreds and thousands of locations, where each location constitutes different demography and unique customer needs, efficient branding and marketing campaign execution is a moving target. Businesses often rely on several point solutions to convey their brand message to the local audience in a particular location. Fundamentally, the management of print and branded merchandise is not core to most businesses. Because of this, many companies struggle to optimize the marketing supply chain.

Enter SupplyLogic, a technology-enabled marketing execution managed services provider that helps marketing and procurement leaders get more value from their print, point of sale and branded merchandise supply chains. Operating as a trusted partner and extension of our client’s procurement and marketing team’s onsite, SupplyLogic manages marketing execution and procurement for the most complex brands. Technology is an integral component of SupplyLogic’s innovative solution sets, which includes strategic sourcing, supplier management, production management, warehousing and distribution. SupplyLogic’s platform is purpose-built for multi-location businesses and franchisees that have hundreds, if not thousands, of retail locations with unique demographic and business requirements. Core to the platform is our Brand Store, e-commerce and order management software, that allows materials to be strategically customized, while adhering to corporate brand guidelines.

“By utilizing SupplyLogic’s Brand Store, our clients expand their brand reach and increase ROI by addressing the market with hyperlocal content while maintaining brand consistency and increasing speed to market,” says Eugene Arokiasamy, CTO, SupplyLogic.

Speaking to a few of the modules, Arokiasamy highlights the Location Profiler, which is a database of location attributes that enables smarter execution and increases operational efficiency. For instance, being able to access attributes such as the number of windows at a retail location helps to quickly execute an adaptable visual point of sale campaign. Such data points, can be a treasure trove for marketing teams. Event Planner is currently used at a top 3 convenient store chain to automate and manage hundreds of store openings and remodels annually. SupplyLogic also offers a digital experience for customer touchpoints via a QR code mobile app. SupplyLogic recently implemented this solution for a global hotel group with seven brands, allowing touchless access to dozens of services including menus, hotel information and television guides. This solution perfectly aligns with the needs of today’s businesses in terms of maintaining an agile and touchless environment.

“There is no certainty on what the world will look like post COVID-19, but we are confident the world will embrace a touchless environment because user behavior has changed and many of the new innovations simply make good sense,” Arokiasamy continues, “From a current technological perspective, we are focused on innovating with our clients and adapting to change with better solutions to accelerate growth and efficiency.”

As a marketing execution specialist, we are an extension of our clients’ marketing teams. SupplyLogic works closely with the clients’ teams, guiding them with specialized training material and webinars to support adoption of best practices and adherence to workflow SLAs.” Eugene Arokiasamy, CTO, SupplyLogic

Laser-focused on Problem Solving

Businesses across industries, including food and beverage, retail, financial services, and insurance benefit immensely from SupplyLogic’s versatile technology platform and marketing services. “We not only partner with the clients’ onsite corporate marketing teams and manage the marketing supply chain on their behalf but also implement best practices, SLAs and technology to automate workflows, streamline procurement and execution processes and manage it all for them,” says Phil Schoonmaker, CEO, SupplyLogic.

“As a marketing execution specialist, we are an extension of our clients’ marketing teams,” says Arokiasamy. SupplyLogic works closely with the clients’ teams, guiding them with specialized training material and webinars to support adoption of best practices and adherence to workflow SLAs. The vision is to turn the platform users (clients’ teams) into masters of the platform for a high level of customer engagement and conversion. SupplyLogic users can clearly see what it takes to accomplish specific milestones in an ongoing manner. They can eliminate the obstacles to complex launches and reduce the marketing cost by zeroing in on the specific attributes of the customers and leveraging SupplyLogic as their one partner team versus dozens of vendors to manage.

High Speed to Market Despite Tumult

Businesses are always under tremendous pressure to do more with less. This challenge has reached a fever pitch with the onset of COVID-19. SupplyLogic’s managed services and superior technologies come across as a lifeboat, enabling marketing leaders to automate manual workflow and save time and resources. SupplyLogic continually surveys clients and studies market trends to continuously add automation and features to solve unique challenges and create new opportunities for their clients.

In a case study, one of SupplyLogic’s clients, a leading US distributor, wanted to distribute over 30,000 PPE-related restaurant reopening kits. This campaign allowed for all US restaurants to apply for a reopening kit. At the time of placing the order, each restaurant owner provided requirements specific to their business. The online system and ordering process was designed to automate this request into a custom developed kit. The kit materials were then procured, and the kit packed and shipped to the restaurant’s doorstep. Special projects like this one, which was drafted, developed and executed in under two weeks, are what partners of SupplyLogic come to expect by having onsite marketing supply chain specialists and the backing of robust technology and a superior supplier network.
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Phil Schoonmaker, CEO & Eugene Arokiasamy, CTO

SupplyLogic is a marketing procurement and execution provider focused on improving performance in the print, POS and branded merchandise categories. SupplyLogic's tech-enabled managed services optimize the marketing operations and fulfillment for innovative brands, allowing them to focus on their core business strategy. SupplyLogic helps clients get the most value from their marketing procurement and execution by implementing best practices across marketing and procurement, workflow and order management automation and strategic sourcing.